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Android APP

Android APP We build great apps for great schools and school districts and have published hundreds of Android and web-based apps serving thousands of schools and districts throughout India. The only thing we do is develop and manage mobile apps for schools and school districts, so our focus is 100% on doing that exceptionally well. Our apps get consistently high ratings from students, parents, teachers and administrators for having powerful features that are time-saving and easy to use.

What is doPostAPP?

This App provides schools with an easy way to tell parents/carers everything they need to know, and it provides parents with the most convenient way to receive school notifications.
No more lost paper in student school bags School newsletters, school notices and alerts are communicated directly to the parent smartphone through the doPostAPP school Mobile App.
doPostAPP is school Mobile App that communicates directly with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phones devices.

How does it work?

Once a school has registered with APP, we will configure their School Mobile App. This process happens very quickly, and the school is then able to create their content categories and upload their notifications and/or documents.
After that, parents add the School Mobile App to their phone, and can view the schools documents and notifications.

doPostAPP offers:

doPostAPP is a very flexible school mobile app and offers:

- Unlimited free instant Push message Notifications (Push anything instantly) - Unlimited Push different format file/message . - Alerts
- Events
- News
- Newsletters
- Information pages (Create unlimited content pages)
- Permission Notes
- Links to website pages
- Embedded PDF documents
- Unlimited content Categories 
- School Prospectus 
- Website integration (Post content once, and publish everywhere)
- Photo galleries (create a photo gallery on any content entry)

*- Online Admission
*- Parent eForms for Sick Note/Absent and Change of details.
*- SMS Alert(Parents which not using Smartphone, for rest notification).
*- Separate Teachers & Students account.
*- Password protected content

**- Create your own unlimited custom eForms with payment and signatures if required.
**- Social Media Integration with Twitter and Facebook.
**- Embedded Maps and GPS directions
**- Online Fee Payment.

doPostAPP is Easy to Update: 

It is quick and easy to update school notifications. Teachers and staff can update the status of any event by using the admin tools from a computer or their smart phone.

Information :

No charges & AMC apply , APP absolutely free with web-site
* Extra Charges & AMC will applicable.
** Charges & AMC will depends on third party.